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Press Send with Chinae Alexander

Mar 27, 2019

Content creator, YouTuber, and podcast host Estée Lalonde is my guest on this week’s episode. We’re answering your questions about standing by other women and not seeing them as competition, rediscovering yourself post-breakup, balancing productivity with self care, and whether it’s possible to be too picky when...

Mar 20, 2019

Divya Gugnani and Lindsay Ellingson, founders of the fabulous Wander Beauty, join me for our latest episode. We’re chatting about spicing things up after 8 years of marriage, challenging negative body image thoughts, figuring out your leadership style at work, and seeking therapy with a significant other.



Mar 13, 2019

Twins, DJs, and eyewear moguls Coco and Breezy are my guests on this week’s episode. We’re dishing out our best advice about trusting a significant other when an ex reaches out, communicating in relationships, finding a fulfilling career path, the necessity of failure, and what to do when your family doesn’t...

Mar 6, 2019

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes joins me for our latest episode. Funny and wise, she gives some incredible advice as we tackle your questions on breaking into social media, working through sexual apathy, getting comfortable with vulnerability, and feeling like your most beautiful self in photos.


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