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Press Send with Chinae Alexander

Nov 27, 2019

My guest this week is entrepreneur and author, Hitha Palepu. We’re taking your questions on difficulties women face in the workplace, prioritizing alone time, confidence in new settings despite insecurities, and getting along with your partner’s family. 


Connect with Hitha:

Instagram: @hithapalepu


Nov 20, 2019

Comedian Anna Roisman is my guest on this week’s episode. We’re taking your questions about how to reject unwanted attention from guys, what to do when a partner’s family is the worst, when to leave a boss you love but a job you hate, and how to date without overthinking.


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Nov 13, 2019

Comedian Casey Balsham joins me this week to talk everything from career to airport diarrhea to consent. We’re answering questions from a woman who’s envious of her peers who are getting engaged and having babies and another woman who wants to ask out her crush at work.


Connect with Casey:

Instagram: @casefaceb

Nov 6, 2019

David Lopez—an awesome celebrity hairstylist who’s degenderizing the beauty space in big ways—is my guest this week. We’re answering your questions about how to date casually without hurting yourself or others, how to bounce back from being fired, and how to know whether or not love is enough to sustain...